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What I liked was that these guys are systematic. At each step, they were thorough and most importantly effective. We saw our traffic grow week after week and we’re very happy with the results.

K.S, Low

Chief Analyst, PPG Asia

The services provided by the team has exceeded our expectations. These guys are the true SEO experts! We saw a boost in traffic, leads and our business.

Gracelyn Lin

Vice president of sales and marketing, Sing See Soon

E-Alchemist has been a highly reliable, responsive and seo services provider. Great job!

Jason Lee

Director, PartyMojo



We’ve delivered consistent results across various industries and customers



Case Study:

580% Organic Traffic Boost in 4 months in Competitive Education Niche



49 Top 3 Keywords

These keywords get more than 80% of traffic


62 Top 10 Keywords

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60 Leads During CAmpaign

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We approach digital marketing as a science

Providing all the right ingredients to a good digital search marketing strategy


We take a deep technical look through your existing website to determine gaps and areas to improve it. This could be in areas of optimising your funnel or SEO/SEM initiatives.


We decide on what’s the best timeline to execute an optimisation campaign taking into account your schedule and the necessary duration required.


Using a variety of Proven Techniques, we turn your existing site into a beautiful, conversion machine that drives qualified traffic regularly to your front page.


Every campaign we run is intended to help you convert more customers and develop new business for your brand. We send monthly reports so you’re always kept informed.

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