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Joseph is a masterful SEO consultant. One of the best technical experts on the topic I know. He’s skilled in on-page, wordpress SEO as well as able to advise on how to quickly optimise for ranking boosts via off-page as well. If you’re looking to grow your business with search – he’s your man.

Eugene Cheng

Creative Lead | Partner, HighSpark

Joseph is an incredible SEO strategist in Singapore.

If you are a small business owner who is looking for someone who knows the in-and-outs of SEO and are looking to bring in high-quality leads, Joseph is the guy to talk to.

Mervin Soon

Talent Acquisition Director, The Pique Lab

E-Alchemists has been an amazing partner in building an online search presence for my company. Because of their SEO work, we’ve gotten loads of qualified leads regularly. I highly recommend their service to any business looking for an increase in traffic and a steady stream of qualified leads that are ready to do business.

Christel Goh

Founder, Grow Public Relations

Digital Marketing Agency

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580% Organic Traffic Boost in 4 months in Competitive Education Niche


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We approach digital marketing as a science

Providing all the right ingredients to a good digital search marketing strategy


We take a deep technical look through your existing website to determine gaps and areas to improve it. This could be in areas of optimising your funnel or SEO/SEM initiatives.


We decide on what’s the best timeline to execute an optimisation campaign taking into account your schedule and the necessary duration required.


Using a variety of Proven Techniques, we turn your existing site into a beautiful, conversion machine that drives qualified traffic regularly to your front page.


Every campaign we run is intended to help you convert more customers and develop new business for your brand. We send monthly reports so you’re always kept informed.

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