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About E-Alchemists

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we keep our team lean. We are also fierce and focused in making magic happen for you and your business. Yes, it’s about the results – because sure, we can get you to first page. We can also do up a fancy website for you, and also create a content strategy for all your various social media. We are skilled in every technical aspect you can think of example SEO.

But in order for all these things to come together seamlessly, at E-Alchemists, we first focus on the essence of who you are and what your business is all about, before we concoct just the right blend of web solutions for you. Because guess what? The magic ingredient really isn’t us – it’s you. And you are all you need in order to stand out and win in business.


The Laboratory of the Alchemist & Our approach

We listen to your needs. We want to understand every aspect of your business, its challenges, and what your objectives are.

Research, research, research. Our passion lies in the great big world of digital marketing. We are constantly looking at brands out there in the real world and seeing how they tell their stories and grow their businesses online. We take their learnings and translate them into real results for you.

Experience counts. But curiosity is even better. We are constantly learning and improving, because things change so fast in the new economy – we adapt and stay ahead. At the same time, we aren’t just about trends or fads. We want things that last for you and your business.

Constant monitoring, tweaking, adapting and optimizing. In the world of digital marketing, part of the magic is where things can be completely unpredictable. A post could go viral. Or it could flop. Your  website could get a thousand hits overnight from Germany.

At E-Alchemists, the why is just as important as the how – we care about results, but we also care about why it happened, so we can replicate it and  make it meaningful for your business – so you can ride on the waves of your success, and push for more growth.

An iterative process, we never stop learning and evolving along with your business, constantly  analyzing and recommending next steps for you.

Joseph Ho
Founder, SEO Alchemist

Helping Businesses Generate Qualified Leads Through Search Marketing

Joseph began his journey in internet marketing journey in 2006. He now runs a digital marketing agency in Singapore, E-Alchemists, which helps established digital & brick-and-mortar businesses rank their websites in search engines.

In recent years, he has been integral in providing strategic guidance and execution to over 20 businesses from a wide array of industries. Using a blend of on-page and off-page search engine optimisation methods, he has helped his clients rank several competitive keywords on Page 1 of Google in less than 6 months. This has resulted in a meteoric surge in qualified leads for businesses to work with.

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