SEO Basics 101

Every online business/offline needs to have a web site. Every web site therefore needs to prioritize Search Engine Optimization. Essentially, search engine optimization allows your site to rank high in Bing’s and Google’s search results. SEO ultimately is a way to increase the appearance of your site in the search results conducted by web users. This eventually produces more traffic towards your site.

Though intense SEO might require complicated site restructuring with the assistance of a firm which specializes in such an area, take note that there are SEO basics you can do yourself to help increase your ranking in search engines. Believe it or not, it needs little effort on your part as well as some re-tweaking on how you approach your site’s content.

SEO Basics

SEO Basics Know Your Standing In Search Engines

It would be quite difficult to increase your SEO efforts if you do not monitor your standing in the search engines. It is important to monitor your page rank using tools such as the Google toolbar and Alexa. If you can, do review your referrer log consistently so you could track where your site visitors are from as well as the search terms they are using to go to your site.

Do not underestimate keywords
As much as possible, you need to be aware of how you place keywords properly through each aspect of your website such as on the titles, the URLs, content and image names. Always think of your keywords as proper search terms. It would help if you know how people look for information on a specific topic.

Also, the page header and title tag are critical positions in which keywords are placed. Also, putting large amounts of keywords on your website is not at all advisable as you will be labeled as an online spammer. Plus, search engine spiders are designed to ignore such sites which are guilty of stuffing keywords in their content. Always strategize when using keywords.

SEO Basics Using Link Back

SEO basics dictate that you integrate internal links in your website. It is basically the most easy way for you to increase traffic to your individual pages. Also, it is a must that you link to your archives when producing new content. Also, the anchor text must be made friendly to search engines. The more relevant keywords point to a web page, it is a lot more likely for a page to appear in search engine results any time a user enters a query with those search terms. As with other types of SEO approaches, it is important for your links to be proper. Do not link excessively and unnecessarily.

Have a sitemap

A sitemap is a page which lists and links to all the main pages on your website. This essentially makes it easy for search engine spiders to locate your site. SEO basics dictate that the less clicks one needs to be able to navigate through your entire site, the better.

All in all, these SEO basics will assist you in making your site more accessible to search engines and more user-friendly to those looking for information.


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