We’re pleased that our client, Sing See Soon Florists, were recently featured in Singapore’s Channel U Money Week Program on Feb 22. The focus was on how automating their systems ultimately resulted in them being able to serve their customers better, becoming a lot more productive and growing their business as a result.

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And we’re proud to have a role to play in that – we were involved in their workflow automation. As their digital marketing consultancy, we helped to launch their e-commerce site, improved their online presence and branding via their website and other social media channels.

The improvements were felt immediately. For example, instead of taking orders by phone and email, or even through SMS, orders can now be taking via the e-commerce site. The backend is simple to use, allowing one person to process an order within one working day, instead of the three days it used to take – and up to three people to fulfill an order!

They also talked a little on how they made use of government grants to implement these improvements to their business. To watch the episode, click here – Sing See Soon comes on around the 16-minute mark.

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