digital marketing

To be successful on the Internet, one needs to have a proper online marketing plan. Although this probably isn’t news to you, the real challenge is to actually find the right strategy and put it to good use. These are a couple of suggestions that can help you kickstart your digital marketing initiatives in 2016:


Plan ahead
The online environment is a highly competitive one, so you need to be organized and start by developing a plan. To be successful at this attempt, you will need to assemble a good team  you can work closely with.

Take it one step at a time and begin by focusing on the first quarter of the year, before setting reasonable goals for the team. Try to find the flaws and strong points in your previous digital marketing campaigns to find out what needs improvement. Don’t hesitate to delegate tasks and keep your mind open to professional management software such as Todoist and Basecamp.

Set SMART Goals
SMART goals have an appealing ring to them, but you need to properly understand how to set them correctly for the first quarter of this year. They are comprehensive and range from improving the engagement on social media, to superior website traffic and the creation of more sales leads.

Keep these goals realistic and focus initially on the first quarter, to improve your chances to succeed. You will need to review this goal every week and month, to monitor progress and make the necessary adjustments. You need to stay flexible and remember that SMART goals are all about attainable objectives.

Encourage personal responsibility
The success of your digital marketing depends on how you manage to engage the entire team, and that’s why a system of accountability is essential. It is entirely up to you to send weekly status reports to team members, monitor their progress via email or in person.

What matters the most is to stay in touch with your key members, so your team stays on track and you won’t have a hard time monitoring progress.

By following these three steps, your digital marketing plan will start out on the right foot, propelled by great organization, a system of accountability and attainable SMART goals.

2016 promises to be a great year for online entrepreneurs – and we are more than happy to help you take your Internet venture to the next level by providing a tailor-made inbound digital marketing plan.