Last update 13 August 2019

SEO Analysis – Coding School Singapore

Today we are going to look at a trending business in Singapore, which is the coding school in Singapore. That means, let’s say if you are running some kind of programming coding classes in Singapore for kids, this is one of the trending businesses in Singapore because of the Smart Nation Program and also if you look around, there are quite a lot of number of coding schools that are popping up in the shopping mall and today we are going to look at this business and also, I’ll advise you what it takes to rank up in Google search so you can actually get more traffic from Google search. 

So using this tool keyword bar in Ahrefs, I type in the coding for kids. As you know, this keyword is actually very competitive. This is 75 according to Ahrefs and there’s many search volume of 700. This search volumes organic clicks is estimated to be around 80%.

Coding School Singapore

f you’re running PPC, pay-per-click, on Google Adwords, roughly each click will cost you about $1.50. So if you do get a top 10 result, we are actually also fighting for results with US websites, very high authority site. If you ask me, this is not actually a good keyword to target if you are new to SEO. If a new business is trying to do SEO for coding for kids, I will advise you to avoid because it is really competitive and it doesn’t make any sense if you are a startup. Let’s say if you are established and you have some traffic from Google search and you want to go for more competitive keywords, then you can actually target this keyword in order to get more leads for your coding school. 

So instead I will advise you to rank up for keywords like coding for kids, coding classes for kids, coding games for kids, et cetera. To be more specific targeting, we’ll take a look at coding for kids Singapore. And just click update. so we know that coding for kids singapore. This keyword is actually 17, which is a bit low. The search volume is 100. If you’re running PPC, the cost per click is $1.60. 

coding school singapore

So we can look at this top 10 results.

Coding School Singapore Organic Search Result

Codinglab is the more authority websites. Followed by this Little Step Asia, which is actually a media site, which I will ignore because it’s not actually a coding school. And then, First School Academy and SG Code Campus. So for this SEO analysis, we’ll take a look at Coding Lab, First School Academy SG, Code Campus and see how they do it in order to rank high in Google search. 

So if you look at Google search when we key in this coding for kids singapore, the first three is actually the Google Adwords.

One thing to take note that you want to judge whether it is very competitive, is there any traffic that is coming out of this keyword, you can actually look at the Google adword. If you key something like keywords in here and Google Adwords popping out, this means that there’s actually traffic and leads for them. 

So the first three is actually the Adwords and then followed by another adwords on the Google Map.

This is what we call the Google My Business Listing. It’s also very important to optimize your Google My Business listing so you can actually rank up on this part. This part will only show depending where you are. It’s a very general targeting. It’s also looking at each time you search on different devices and also if you’re on different locations, it will offer different results sometimes. It depends where you are and what kind of IP address you are using and your GPS, if you’re using Google Map or Google Search on your mobile devices. 

Now, we’ll see the organic results, which is the Coding Lab, First Code Academy SG, and SG Code Campus. So let’s take a look at Coding Lab.

You can take a look, actually a quite good website. They actually specify the age and also the program that they have, which is good. 

It’s important to structure your content, so that it makes sense. They also have a lot of internal links, which is very well done. Obviously, if you take a look at this website, they actually have someone doing the SEO for them.

So you can look below and for the homepage, is there’s a lot of content, which is good. So let’s take a look at their SEO. We can actually reverse their SEO using this Ahrefs tool to take a look at what kind of terms they are ranking for and what kind of results they are getting.

Estimated, they are getting  around 558 visitors per month. We can see that they have been doing SEO since the start of January 2017. And their organic keywords are going up and some dropped this month, which is usually okay if it’s not a very big drop because the SEO per month depends on the search volume, which is fluctuating. We know the top five results they are getting the most traffic.

Coding for kids, coding for kids with another URL. For this, they are getting double ranking. Another is Coding Lab, which is the brand, coding school Singapore, and coding for kids Singapore. These are some of the keywords they are actually ranking up and they are also doing PPC. They are actually growing out and also some of the paid keywords there are getting more traffic.

Now we take a look at the second one, First Code Academy. Very good pictures for a slider, and website is actually very well done.

There’s different structure. Let’s take a look at their SEO. They are getting around 232 visitors per month. 

There’s a very big drop in their traffic, not sure what is happening. It could be some kind of google penalty that is affecting them or they changed the website or migrated the server. So if we take it further and here, the objective is to know what kind of keywords they are getting and what kind of content you should structure in order to match them and also in order to rank higher in the keywords they are targeting. 

Using this tool, we know that the top five keywords that are generating links and traffic for them.

First code academy of course is the brand name; coding for kids again is one of the top keywords; coding school Singapore; and coding for kids singapore. So we know that the same batch of keywords also appear on the other website, the Coding Lab.  We see that they do not do any PPC here.

And the third one is SG Code Campus. They are getting around 130 visitors per month and again the same thing happened to them.

Same with First Code, they are also going downwards for their SEO. They could be suffering some kind of Google penalty. And the top five keywords are the same.

We have coding school Singapore, coding for kids Singapore, and there’s a new one, coding class Singapore. They are also doing PPC and basically around the same thing with the Coding Lab.

This time let’s look at the website, SG Code Campus.

The website is very well done. They feature their instructors and curriculum. It’s quite a very good website. And so if you run a coding school in Singapore, it’s good to target keywords like coding school Singapore, coding for kids Singapore, coding classes for Singapore. And if you want to redesign a website or you are doing a new website, you should actually create the website content based on these three top keywords for coding classes or coding school Singapore.

Another for SEO, there are actually three main parts. One is what we call the website level, which consists of the on-page settings. That refers to the coding that you can change on the website.

Second is the structure of the content so that it matches the keyword. You have to structure the website content. For example, in SG Code Campus’ homepage, they mention “coding school Singapore” twice. So you need to change h1, h2, et cetera. This is followed by acquiring links to your website. That means backlinks. For example, channels like News Asia links to you or Today links to you. These are what we call backlinks, which are basically hyperlinks to your website. The more you have, the better it is because it’s important to get links every month if you are doing SEO. 

So let’s take a look at Google My Business. The third component for local SEO is actually to optimize the Google My Business. So let’s take a look at the listing.

Coding School Singapore Google My Business Listing Result

We select this one, Computhink Kids SG.

And it’s quite well optimized. It is in the correct category.

This is the business category. It’s very important to take note on this. So that you will appear on the ____. There are reviews, which is good. There are good profile pictures. Basically what they have is there. So let’s say you have a Google My Business listing, it is important to target the same business category, getting the reviews. They also specify the operating hours, which is correct, and they have 30 plus photos. It’s important to have photos on Google My Business.

So let’s take a look at the second one, Coding Lab (Bukit Timah). For their pictures, they should change their profile picture. I’m not sure why it’s like this. They have very good photos. They are also in full operating hours. But they target as an educational institution. 

This one you need to take note. They have very good reviews.

Let’s take a look at whether SG Code Campus if they are targeting the same category. We can see that they are also in a different category.

They have good reviews, good profile photos, a lot of good photos, same. So let’s say you have Google My Business, you actually try to match them or so. It’s kind of real that it appears on different categories. If you ask me, I would actually take it in as after-school program. First you can’t do it during school hours and you are also not an education institution. But we can actually take a look at another one and see what they do.

They put in a school, which is confusing.

Let’s take a look at Learn2Code, they put in after school program.

Obviously this is not optimized. If you look at the photo, no reviews, and bad profile pictures. So let’s try coding school and see what kind of result.

For Smart Nation, they put it in as a computer training school. 

Coding School Singapore Summary

So many are different business category. So if you ask me, I still think that is an after school program. But you can actually test it out. Let’s say you optimize, then you could review this business category can actually change it the same way. So in summary, if you are running a coding school in Singapore for kids, the website content structure should be going around coding school Singapore, coding for kids Singapore, and coding classes Singapore. After that, you do the on-page, you write the content based on these top three keywords, and then you start to acquire links from other websites, and then you need to optimize the Google Map, so that you will run on this ____. And basically that’s it. So if you have any questions about this SEO analysis or if you want me to update your website to see how we can improve things on your Google search, just go to and click on Free Audit.