Last update 12 August 2019

SEO Analysis – Dance Classes For Kids


How do businesses rank for the keywords they are targeting? Let’s take a closer look how websites do it, the number of keywords they rank for, backlinks, visitors per month, and how you can apply the similar strategies to your own site.

Hi guys. My name is Joseph and I’m a digital marketer from E-Alchemists. Today I will do a SEO analysis for Singapore dance classes for kids. So when I start keying this term “dance classes for kids” unto Google Search, these are the search results that is coming up on my screen.

Dance Classes For Kids

Basically this one, two, three, four are the Google Adwords and then followed by the Google Map.

The Google Map will appear depending on where you are and what type of devices you are searching. And this might appear or might not appear. Sometimes it also appears below. 

Dance Class for Kids

The number one result is the, a kid’s street dance school and for the number two is the dance classes for toddlers. It’s from the Honey Kids Asia which really is not a business. It’s actually a media site. The second one is from Dance Pointe and the Lessonsgowhere, another media site. So you’ll look at steppingoutstudios.

The objective for looking at this top three websites is to understand why they are ranking well and also if you are owner of a business for the kids dance school, you can actually use these strategies to help your business to rank well in Google search. So you can gain more traffic and also more leads for your dance school. The objective for this is also to reverse it and to see what kind of keywords they are linking out and you can take this opportunity to structure your website so the content creation for your website in order to outrank them. So let’s start.

The first one we will look at is the 5thavenue. Let’s take a look at their website. Basically for this page. I can see that they are actually ranking well because of all this content and also video, which is good. And if you take a look at the main page, they are actually a dance school with adult and kids. Let’s take a look at why they are ranking well. I will be using this tool called Ahrefs.

And let’s take a look at their traffic. For 5thavenue we can see the organic results they are getting is estimated around a hundred.

Traffic Analysis – Dance Classes For Kids

This is just an estimate data which is on this page itself, the dance styles 5thavenue.

So we will look at the top 5 organic keywords are dance classes for kids, dance class for kids, kids dance classes, kids dance, and dance class for kids Singapore, which is good and is actually very targeted to the business and to the page itself.

So let’s take a look at the other keywords that they are ranking for. These are some of the keywords. Very targeted keywords they are ranking for and if, let’s say, you are a business owner for kids dance school, you have to create content based on these keywords like dance classes for kids, dance class for kids, kids dance classes. You have to structure the content to make it more towards the keywords and also you need to measure a few of keywords within that page itself.

And let’s take a look at the backlinks. Basically, for SEO there are two to three parts. One is what we call Google My Business listing and the other one is the website level. And the other one is what we call the off-page optimization, which is what kind of links they are getting and why they are ranking so well. Basically, they have 18 backlinks and some of the links are actually quite good.

We can see that there have been acquiring links. Let’s say for example, Website A link to your website, then it is considered as a link. It’s hyperlinked from other websites. They are not doing any page search. 

Let’s take a look at the number 2 result, which is dancepointe. We know that from dancepointe to this page, they only have 1 backlink and they have 68 keywords ranking up. Estimate organic traffic is around 125 in Singapore, which is very targeted kind of traffic. 

And we take a look at the keywords is also a little bit different. They are focusing on more specific keywords to their page. That means they are optimized for dance classes for kids, main. And then for a little bit hip-hop dance, kids hip hop dance, hip hop dance, and all the hip hop keywords. it’s nothing wrong because what they are talking about is the hip hop. And they are ranking well. So we look at it, are there keywords that are ranking up? Basically, all those hip hop dance classes, which is why their page is ranking well.

So, if let’s say you are like hip hop dance school for kids and you want to outrank Dancepointe. The good thing is you can actually have the exact kind of website that they are having right now and then for the content part, you just write about 800 to a thousand words, insert all the videos and also the images. And then you can acquire a few backlinks from other websites depending on what kind of backlinks you are getting. For now, they have one backlink. We can take a look at the backlink. You just see what kind of website. You can create your website today and then you can actually get link from this website also. Let’s say you can acquire 10 to 20 backlinks for that page, your hip hop dance, you can actually rank well under this keyword.

Let’s take a look at number 3 which is the Steppingout studio. Let’s take a look at the statistics. And let’s say we know that from these keywords, this website, take a look at their ranking. 17 keywords. For that page itself, they are getting around 29 to 30 visitors per day, per month sorry, for that particular page. The top 5 keywords is around the same as the first one, dance classes for kids, dance class for kids, kids dance classes, toddler dance classes, children dance, which is also very targeted and they have no backlinks. 

Yes, no backlinks at all, which is actually a very good sign if you ask me if I’m a business owner of the competitor, I will actually build a better website, better content and better video, and I can actually outrank them. I can say low level competition. If you can actually acquire more backlinks, you can actually outrank them. Okay?

So these are the top 3 websites that are currently ranking up. And also we can take a look at—you need to take note that for this particular keyword dance classes for kids, stepping out studios is also ranking on the Google Map itself. That means on this page itself, there’s two properties belongs to stepping out studio. One is a Google Map and one is the website.  

Google Map – Dance Classes For Kids

So if you take a look at their Google map, this is actually very well-optimized, I can say that. and they have cool pictures. Let’s say if you have Google Map for your business, you need to ran update regularly the photo, the video. You see they have very very good pictures. And also, they take a lot of shots. Okay? And they are targeting the correct, what I call the Google My Business category.

Dance Classes For Kids

Okay? And they’re also posting quite often on their Google My Business. And they have quite good reviews. 

They have around 30. Review is just like another backlinks to your Google My Business. It’s good to have an ongoing reviews for your Google Map so that you can also ran well on the Google Map. You will appear on the search more often. So we take a look at the second one, the Tanglin Arts Studio. Also the same thing, if you can see some trend, some same terms, structure. There are a lot of good photos. Review is around 10 and they are also optimized in the same category and yeah, the reviews are quite well done for this one because it’s quite is longer and the response to reviews. It’s very important to reviews. And they also post a lot of events. Okay? So Amy’s School of Dance. Same thing, same category. Photos, there are photos, very good photos. Google reviews, okay. They don’t have much posts. Okay. Basically post is like Facebook post. On the Google my business, there’s this thing called the Google Post. We can actually post it very often and then when someone scrolls down, you will look something like this, there’s information for you to see. You see, they just posted 18 hours ago, which is very good. That means to update, they can update the directory very often which is very good, this why they are ranking on top. Okay?

Dance Classes For Kids Summary

So basically, that’s about it for dance classes for kids, this keyword.  If you like my SEO analysis, click on the subscribe button and also if you have any question or you want me to audit your website, you can actually drop me an email or message or comment below on my Youtube channel and I’ll get back to you. Thank you very much.