Jewellery Singapore – SEO Analysis

Here we are going to take a look at the jewellery industry in Singapore.

First we’re going to see the current report for the keyword jewellery Singapore on Ahrefs.

jewellery singapore ahrefs

As we can see, it has a keyword difficulty of 28 and estimated search volume of 900 per month in Singapore. This search volume generates around 1300 clicks, of which 14% belongs to SEM and 86% is through organic results.

Examining further down the Ahrefs overview, we know that there are a number of other keywords that we can target and they’re all related to jewellery Singapore.

jewellery keyword ideas

If you are running a business in this niche and you have a website, you can create some of the best content by using keyword questions. The search volume, but they can effectively drive the traffic to your store.

jewellery singapore questions

For example, you can dedicate an article to tackling the questions “where to buy gold jewellery in Singapore” or “where to sell gold jewellery in Singapore”.

Also, if you have multiple stores all over Singapore, you can target location-based keywords.

jewellery location keywords

As you can see, they have high search volume. So what you can do is publish an article on Jewellery in ION , etc.

Jewellery Singapore Organic Search Result

Let’s move on to the search results. Ahrefs gives us this data:

jewellery singapore top 10 ahrefs

The first result is a page from SK Jewellery. It has around 130 backlinks and the estimate traffic that this page generates is around 3,355 per month.  The top keyword is sk jewellery, their brand name.

The page from is ranking number two and their top keyword is jewellery Singapore. Let’s say you have a store, you can actually reach out to them and see if your business can be included in their lists. It’s possible that they’ll charge for it. Or they may not. But if you are able to approach them and they agree to put you up on one of their articles, you’d be able to get an instant page one result.

Another top result is Poh Heng Jewellery. The number of backlinks that they have is little lower compared to SK and their top keyword is poh heng.

Surprisingly, Zalora is also targeting this keyword.

Now let’s examine the individual websites.

SK Jewellery

sk jewellery

We know that it has more than 5000 backlinks. Their organic search results are quite okay, but they’ve been experiencing a downtrend since the beginning of this year.

sk jewellery organic traffic

I’m not so sure what’s happening. Maybe this is a good chance for you to catch up if you have a jewellery shop.

They are getting around 6000 visitors per month in Singapore, which is high.

These are their top keywords:

sk jewellery top 5 keywords

Their top pages show us that they’re targeting location-based SEO as well. Another well-performing page for them is category products such as rings and new arrivals.

sk jewellery top 5 pages

Through Ahrefs, you can check their top pages in Singapore and you’ll see that sk jewellery, necklace, and gold bracelets are among the keywords they’ve been targeting. What you can do is you can reverse engineer the keywords, create your own page, and compete with them in SEO.

We will jump directly to Poh Heng since the second ranking page is more of a product content information website.

Poh Heng

poh heng ahrefs

It has around 950 backlinks, which is not very high nor very low. They’re ranking for around 2400 keywords. From this data, we know that their organic keywords and organic traffic are both dropping.

poh heng organic traffic

Here we have a closer look at their organic traffic performance. They saw a great drop in 2018 and August 2019, and then it started to go up a little bit.

Here are their top keywords:

poh heng organic keywords

Take note of the last entry. In my opinion, that’s a great content idea. I know this because when I tried to buy a ring, I actually searched for this keyword.

So the top pages are the homepage, followed by the ring size guide article, product collection, and then wedding bands.

poh heng top 5 pages

Clicking on the top pages feature on Ahrefs, we can see that the keyword ring size chart is really performing quite well.

poh heng top pages

Another good choice is the keyword wedding bands, which we also call a money keyword. We see here that they’re targeting poh heng outlets as well, indicating location-based SEO.

They have content on poh heng hello kitty, which can actually be very useful for you. For example, if you’re selling some special series featuring Disney characters or Pokemon, for example, what you can do is target keywords based on them. That will surely increase your traffic.

Now let’s move on to GoldHeart.



They have more than 8600 backlinks. Their organic search traffic is pretty normal.

goldheart organic traffic

We can see that their top keywords are mainly focused on their brands. They have a Chinese keyword, which is good for those who’d like to search in Chinese.

goldheart top 5 keywords

Here are their top 5 pages:

goldheart top 5 pages

Going to the top pages feature, we have this information:

goldheart top pages

They have pretty unique content. For example this is one of their top pages:

goldheart page

We can tell that this drives a lot of traffic for them. It’s very informational. A lot of people must have read this topic and they’ve decided to purchase. So what they’re doing is they publish a lot of content about wedding, for example. They drive a lot of traffic to the website, which increases awareness about their brand.

Jewellery Singapore Summary

Basically that’s about it. If you are running this kind of business, what you can do is you can target this keyword, jewellery Singapore, followed by location-based SEO for your stalls, then you can create content about wedding bands or anything about weddings in general. Take note that many people who scout for jewelleries are those who are getting married soon. Drive in the traffic and put advertisements on your page so the readers can either purchase or increase your brand awareness.

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