Part Time Cleaner Singapore – SEO Analysis

Here we are going to analyse the data on part time cleaner Singapore.

Over the years, the part-time cleaner industry has been increasing in trend. A lot of people are looking for part-time cleaners to clean the house, etc.

What we know right now is it has an average 400 search volume per month in Singapore and the keyword difficulty is 8. It means it’s still okay, it’s not too difficult to rank for this keyword.

part time cleaner keyword difficulty

If you are running a part-time cleaner business, you can actually target the keywords part time office cleaner job Singapore, part time office cleaner Singapore, part time cleaner job in Singapore, etc. This means you can serve both residential and office areas, which yields quite a lot of search volume. You can convert all these into links.

keywords same terms

Part Time Cleaner Singapore Organic Result

Taking a look at the SERPs result, we know that Helpling, Moneysmart, and Homefresh are the top three results.

part time cleaner serp review

You can see that their top keywords are part time cleaner, part time maid Singapore, and part time maid, respectively.

top keywords

So let’s take a look at the search results of the keyword part time cleaner Singapore. One particular thing that you need to know is this Google My Business listing called Part time Maid, which is actually a smart idea. They actually inputted the keyword into their registered company name, and registered a domain called So when we searched the keyword, this whole chunk appeared and I can guess that their CTR is quite high, compared to all the text links in the SERP. If you click on that, you will be directed to their website.

part time maid

In short, if you look at the SERP, you will have the text-based links (including the ads and the organic search results) and the Google My Business listing. It’s quite hard to take down this competitor because of their domain name and business name.

Organic Search Results Analysis


So let’s move on to the organic search results. We know that Helpling is the top one, and they provide cleaner services in Singapore. Over the years, they have been doing a quite aggressive SEO in Singapore. You can see that their results are getting a lot of traction and is really high.

helpling organic traffic

For the organic keywords they target, they actually saw an increase in their performance.

helpling organic keywords

We can also see how aggressive they are in their campaign based on their top 5 organic keywords.

helpling top 5 keywords

They’re doing quite well in order to drive their traffic.

If you ask me for this kind of business, if you can get around 3000 visitors per month, that’s really a lot in Singapore. Let’s say we take about 1% of that number, maybe you can close 7-8 deals per week, depending on how your sales funnel is like.


Moving on to Moneysmart, which is a website that talks about a lot of things. This page is probably ranking up because of their high domain rating, which means they are a high authority domain.

Looking deeper, we know that this particular page alone generates a thousand plus visitors per month, which is very high.

moneysmart overview

This page is also ranking for other keywords.

moneysmart organic keywords

You can actually target all these keywords if you want.


Taking a look at Homefresh, we know that it’s also generating around 1000 traffic per month.

homefresh organic traffic

Based on this, we can say that maybe they started last year. It could be that they launched this website and it’s going up.

They are also targeting around the same keywords with the previous two results.

I can say that their SEO is very well done. But there’s still a chance to take over because of their DR or Domain Rating, which is currently 4.7. However, it’s a little harder to do that with Helpling and Moneysmart.

There’s not much in the Google Map, I think because of the listing we previously mentioned, Part Time Maid. They have a lot of good reviews. If let’s say, you’re running this kind of business, you can actually have a review funnel so that whenever they finish a cleaning session, you can actually send a URL to the customer so they can give you a review in Google My Business.

Taking a look at their photos, it’s not much. If it was me, I’d actually upload more photos and videos.

Part Time Cleaner Singapore Summary

Basically, that’s about it for part time cleaner Singapore. If you want to overtake them, it can be a bit tough. But there are chances, by targeting different keywords or setting up a website that’s kind of similar to Homefresh. I can say that their website is very clean and they have a lot of content, which is important. So that’s all for this industry. If you have any questions, just drop a message on the comments section or you can also send us an email and we’ll get back to you. Thank you!