Plastic Surgery Singapore – SEO Analysis 2020


Today we’re going to take a look at another industry, which is medical in nature. What we are looking at here is the industry of plastic surgery in Singapore.

The first thing that we usually do is to check the keyword, how many people are searching for it, is it worth to go for SEO strategies in order to rank up and then gain traffic for this industry.

So for plastic surgery Singapore, we know that there’s an average of about 350 search volume in Singapore. That means there are 350 people searching per month for this keyword.

Plastic Surgery Singapore – Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Data

search volume

Another thing is their clicks. CPC is around $12.00 per click on SEM. That means you pay $12 for every click pointing to your website. When they are doing a search on plastic surgery Singapore, 21% of them actually click on the SEM results and 79% click on the organic search results. I’ll show you why organic search results take this percentage of clicks later.

You also have to take note that this data is actually just an estimate; it’s not the true data from Google. Of course, they won’t release the actual data to us. It’s usually just the average for the search volume and the clicks.

As you can see, this keyword has a difficult of 15, which is okay. It’s in medium range. You can also try to rank up for other keywords.

other keywords

They have decent search volume, so it can be good for your website.

If we go down further the Ahrefs overview, we’ll see the top 10 search results.

plastic surgery top 10 results

We have here different websites and different meta titles, all of them using the exact same keywords or other relevant or related to it.

Plastic Surgery Singapore Google Search Results

If you search the keyword plastic surgery Singapore, you’ll most likely see the first three entries from SEM and followed by Google Map, which has a very high CTR. Based on my campaign for other clients, it actually yields more traffic than the organic results below.

plastic surgery google my business listing

You can see that the first one here is an SEM, then we have MH Plastic Surgery, Shens Clinic, then followed by Sweng Plastic Aesthetic.

Plastic Surgery Singapore Google My Business

Let’s take a look at MH Plastic Surgery.

mh plastic surgery

I can say that they’re doing well. They have 10 reviews, which is good. What you need to do if you’re in this industry is get a lot of reviews for your Google My Business listing. It’s part of the ranking factors for Google My Business listing. For MH’s business name, for me, it’s a little bit too long. What they are doing is they’re inserting a lot of other keywords to rank up for them as well.

Let’s move on to Shens Clinic.

shens clinic

They have 38 reviews. They have good ongoing reviews. Take note of their business category. They’re listed under plastic surgery clinic in Singapore, which is correct. As for their photos, it’s okay but I think they can still do better. You can actually upload more photos. Usually I suggest about 30-50 photos and videos so you can show what your business is about. They also inputted other important information such as business hours, contact number, etc.

Next, we have Sweng Plastic.

sweng plastic

They have 55 reviews and they have great content as well.

sweng plastic reviews

Take note that if you ask your customers or clients to give you reviews on Google My Business listing, try to ask them to be a little bit more detailed and avoid just giving 5 stars and leaving the comment section blank. It will look spammy. If you have bad reviews, try to respond to it.

negative review

For example, Sweng did a great job by addressing the concern right away. It’s better to do this than to ignore it altogether.

What you should do

Let’s say if you have Google My Business listing, what you should do to outrank these competitors are:

  • insert the keyword in your business name
  • have the correct business category in order to rank up for in your industry
  • upload more photos and videos to showcase your products or services

Organic Results

Now let’s take a look at the top organic search results.

The first one is’s page on best plastic surgery clinics in Singapore.


It’s actually like a magazine website that talks about beauty, lifestyle, weddings, etc. Let’s delve deeper using Ahrefs.

thegirl ahrefs overview

You can see that this page alone gets more than 200 visitors per month. The page is recently published, so they’re currently ranking up. These are their top 5 keywords:

thegirl top 5 keywords

All these keywords are very relevant to the business. You can actually rank up for them as well. For this particular page, there are no backlinks yet. However, the domain itself has a lot of backlinks.

thegirl domain

For this site, they have more than 27,000 backlinks.

Since they’ve just published the content, it’s not gaining backlinks yet. What you can is, if you’re running a clinic, you can actually outreach to them and ask if they can include your clinic in their list. That will give you an instant page one ranking exposure.

The second result is This is an actual clinic and the site looks good in general. It has a lot of content. The call-to-action is there.

sweng ahrefs

Their number of backlinks is not a lot, you can overtake in this aspect. These are their top five keywords which you can rank up as well:

sweng top 5 keywords

Their top five pages are generating a lot of keywords for them.

sweng top 5 pages

Let’s take a look at their backlinks.

sweng backlinks

It generally looks okay. Not so spammy, some are but not a lot. They’re getting quite good links. Some links are from other countries, but it’s okay. It’s workable for them, which is good.

The next week is BeautyInsider.SG. It’s the same with the first result. It’s a beauty website. And the ranking page is also a list of plastic surgeons in Singapore.

Let’s take a look at the overview of this page.

beautyinsider ahrefs

As you can see, it shows that this page has more than 51,000 backlinks. What I think is it’s not actually showing the stats for this page exactly. What it’s actually showing is the domain overview.

beautyinsider domain

We can also see that this page shoot up by a lot in the beginning of this year.

beautyinsider organic

Their top 5 keywords talk about other things. That tells us that plastic surgery is not their main focus. But they are still ranking well for plastic surgery Singapore.

beauty insider top 5 keyword

Let’s take a look at their backlinks. It’s actually the same thing. There is a number of spam links from other countries. It’s perfectly fine.

Let’s say you are running a plastic surgery clinic. The first thing to do is you can actually do the optimisation for your website. Obtain a lot of links. One shortcut, as I’ve mentioned earlier, is to approach those websites that feature lists where your business can be included. You can instantly appear in page one and gain some traffic. I’m not sure if you will be asked for payment but it’s worth a try. If they charge something less than $1000, I think that’s still good considering the benefits where you can easily convert clients.

Plastic Surgery Singapore Summary

In summary, you can do your SEO on your website or you can reach out to different website. Secondly, you can do your Google My Business listing, input the right category, upload relevant photos and videos, and reviews. If you have extra budget, you can go for SEM and CPC at $12 per click.

That’s about it. Now you know what to do in order to rank up for this industry. It ultimately depends on your judgement whether you should go for SEM or SEO. If you have any questions, you can drop me an email or you can fill out the contact form we have here in this site.