Things You Can Do Before Launching Your E-Commerce Site

During one of my website reviews on a SoHelpful call, I connected with a potential client who has a product that is selling well offline. They had only recently just launched their e-commerce site. However, they did not have any sales since launching their e-commerce site for the past 3 months. When I probed further by asking technical questions, like how many visitors are you getting, how do you market your e-commerce site, they admitted that they hadn’t thought about these things. And this is not uncommon – often, people have this idea that when you put up an e-commerce store, your potential customers will automatically come and buy from your site. When in fact this is rarely the case! There are a number of things you can start doing before launching your e-commerce site.


Start Informing your customers your e-commerce site URL

Start informing your existing or potential customers of your website URL. Even if your e-commerce site is not ready yet, you can always put up a ‘Coming Soon’ maintenance page. Also, for branding purposes, I suggest getting a unique domain name that is easy to remember, so that your customers will be able to search for your brand name and still able to find you easily if they aren’t able to recall your website URL.


Building Your Audiences

Start building your audience by blogging about your products or related topics. If you are not sure how to create a blog you can check out this guide starting your own blog. Don’t wait till your e-commerce site is up before you start blogging. It’s easy to launch a website, but it’s hard to build your audience! Give yourself a timeline when you launch your website and start by blogging at least 3 times a week before launch date.


Building Your Customers Through Q0010


Use a 3rd party site like Qoo10 to set up an online store in Q0010 and start tapping on their traffic to sell your product. Do inform your customers of your upcoming e-commerce site url when you are delivering the product to them. This creates an opportunity to drive them to your website after you launch your site.


Sell Through Carousell


The easiest way to create an online store to build your customers without too much technical knowledge is to sell through Carousell. Download the app, take a photo of your product and post it. One of the best parts about carousell is that your customers are able to contact your directly through the Chat function. If you have extra budget you can also advertise your carousell product through internal advertising. If you are interested in getting a more in-depth advice  for your e-commerce site, head over to our website review and we will get back to you.