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Singapore SEO – You know you’re desperate for an answer when you click next to browse the second page of your search on Google.

Congratulations in creating your website and online presence! Now it is one of the 644 million active websites in the world. To be more precise, the total number is 644,275,754 active websites. This number was derived by Netcraft’s March 2012 website survey. So your website is just one small drop of water in the entire ocean. This is where we come in, here at E-Alchemists the Singapore SEO company, we provide Search Engine Optimization as our core service. We believe that an effective positioning strategy is extremely essential for your business. To be in front of the SEO industry we constantly renew, test and execute cutting edge techniques to drive traffic to our clients, boosting hit rates and thus conversion to sales.


 Amazing traffic generation boils down to having a robust Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy. At E-Alchemists The Singapore SEO Company, we know the secrets to this success. Our SEO expertise has propelled our clients up the ranking charts in highly prominent major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing. Ensuring the success of our clients lies in our ability to understand what our clients want. As our strategic partners, we think for you. Your business is our business.

Singapore SEO, Do you want your clients to spot you on page 1?

We are so confident of our methodology that we’ve decided to reveal our secrets to you!

We Help You Conduct Extensive Keyword Research. Know what they are searching for, and you will know what, and how to advertise!

We Help You Perform Keyword Competitive Analysis. Know the other side, and know yourself. And you can win in a hundred battles. Understand what your competitors are doing!

We Help You Achieve Domain optimization. Cool and sticky domain names are still possible to find!

We Understand The Rules Set by the Search Engines. Once you know how to play according to the rules, half the battle is won. We value add because we know the rules. We constantly upgrade ourselves to ensure that our technological spear remain sharp!

We Help You Reach the Top by Using Advanced SEO and SEM tools. You only know what tools to use when you are a practitioner and strategist. We are proud to state that we are both practitioners and strategists!

We Help You Develop a Comprehensive Multimedia Campaign. So as to ensure that you can reach out to a broader customer base!

We Perform Web Analysis Regularly. By analyzing your website on a regular timeframe, we are able to come up with a real time battle plan. With an accurate picture, you will be able to reach your customers with laser accuracy!

We Keep Your Web Page ‘Searchable’. To have a webpage that remains ‘searchable’, you need good a Web Hosting service !

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