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5 Most Successful Singapore Dermatologist Sites – A Search Insight

The internet has become the foremost tool Singaporeans use when it comes down to finding exceptional dermatology, amongst other services. This is due to a number of reasons, such as: convenience, online reviews, reliability, and speed. For this reason, the best dermatologists are beginning to take advantage of this effective marketing avenue by improving their SEO and visibility on the internet. 

One such method that the five most successful dermatology websites are using is through keywords. These keywords allow people using their favourite search engine to easily find professionals on the internet that have the skills and capabilities to meet their needs.

Singapore Dermatologist

“Dermatologist singapore” as a keyword has a search volume of 2800 with a CPC or cost per click of $6 through Google Ads from September 2015 to November 2020. This is fairly good but it can be improved on. 

Some other keywords you may want to consider to improve your SEO ranking are:

  • Dermatologist Singapore Acne
  • Best Dermatologist Singapore
  • Dermatologist Singapore Price

With more location and service specific keywords, it will be easier for your website to reach out to more people. There is a lot to consider when it comes down to keywords and search engine optimization, such as:

  • Organic Traffic: Organic traffic is the traffic or visitors a website receives through people using search engines, and then finding your website without looking for it specifically. For example, this would be similar to someone looking for a dermatologist by walking down the street then happening upon a clinic by noticing a sign or asking for directions. 
  • Backlinks: Backlinks are also an important part of search engine optimization. A backlink is basically a link from one website linking to another. For example, the titles of the businesses mentioned later on in this article are backlinks.
  • Organic Keywords: Organic keywords are free keywords or keywords that are not influenced through paid advertisement. These kinds of keywords are what companies optimize their websites for.
  • Paid Keywords: Paid keywords or pay-per-click are keywords a company pays for. These typically appear in sponsored ads. For example, the keyword “dermatologist singapore” would cost a company $6 per click in order to use it in an advertisement. 

Here are five of the best performing Singapore dermatologist websites


Specialist Skin Clinic

Specialist Skin

Specialist Skin Clinic is one of the premier dermatology clinics in Singapore. Offering a holistic approach to their cosmetic and medical services. They have been around for over sixty years, ensuring that they are not only experts in their field but are also trusted by their clients and patients. They specialize in a variety of techniques to ensure that you can get the best dermatology services possible. 

Their search engine optimization is fairly good, thus they are able to enjoy a large number of organic visitors. Even if a small percentage of them become customers, it is still profitable for them as a business. Specialist Skin Clinic receives an estimated amount of 1000 visitors per month organically, with 539 backlinks leading to their site from other websites. They pay for 27 PPC Keywords, while being optimized for 883 Organic Keywords. 

Monthly Estimated Organic Traffic 1000
Total Backlinks 539
Total Organic Keywords Found 883
Total Paid Keywords Found (PPC) 27 Top 5 Keywords in Organic Search

Keywords URLs
Dermatologist singapore
Dr cheong wai kwong
Acne scar treatment
Skin clinic Top 5 Pages in Paid Search

Keywords URLs
Dermatologist singapore
Skin disease eczema
How to get rid of moles
Skin cancers
Ways to remove hair


Stephanie Ho Dermatology 

Stephanie ho

Stephanie Ho Dermatology is named after the sole proprietor, Dr. Stephanie Ho who is both registered in Singapore and in the United Kingdom as a skin specialist. She has practiced in Singapore, London, Hong Kong, and Edinburgh and has over 20 years of medical experience. She is an expert in her field and is capable of providing both aesthetic and medical procedures. 

She utilizes state of the art technology such as lasers, combined with skill and finesse, she is able to do a wide array of procedures that are both beauty enhancing and life saving. She is quite well known in Singapore for her skill and it shows in the organic traffic of her website, which is over 1000 per month. 

This is actually quite impressive because she has fewer backlinks compared to her competitors and she does not pay for any keywords at all, yet she is able to maintain a high level of traffic compared to other dermatology websites due to her SEO and organic keywords.

Monthly Estimated Organic Traffic 1000
Total Backlinks 70
Total Organic Keywords Found 883
Total Paid Keywords Found (PPC) 0 Top 5 Keywords in Organic Search

Keywords URLs
Stephanie ho
Stephanie ho
Mole removal
Stephanie ho
Pediatric dermatologist Top 5 Pages in Paid Search

No data found


LL Cheong Skin & Laser Clinic

LL Cheong Skin

LL Cheong Skin & Laser Clinic is headed by Dr. Cheong Lai Leng. With over two decades worth of experience, you can rest easy knowing that she has not only the expertise but also the experience to provide only the best dermatology care possible. Her clinic comes with state of the art technology and she is supported by a team of professionals capable of an array of dermatology services from medical to cosmetic.

They also provide dermatology services to both adults and children. The clinic is located within one of the best medical centres in Singapore, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre. However, despite their ability in the field and high number of backlinks and paid per click keywords, their website only receives 475 organic visits per month. 

Their low traffic may be due to the fact they are located within a well known medical centre. Patients organically visit and see their clinic in the real world, without having to search for it online. However, they can still improve their organic traffic through better search engine optimization that focuses on generating more organic keywords.

Monthly Estimated Organic Traffic 475
Total Backlinks 333
Total Organic Keywords Found 502
Total Paid Keywords Found (PPC) 41 Top 5 Keywords in Organic Search

Keywords URLs
Dermatologist singapore
Scar removal singapore
Mole removal
Eczema singapore
Co2 laser Top 5 Pages in Paid Search

Keywords URLs
Dermatologist singapore


HM Liew Skin & Laser Clinic

Singapore Dermatologist

HM Liew Skin & Laser Clinic headed by Dr. Liew Hui Min offers superb care and modern facilities. Dr. Liew Hui Min is accredited by both the General Medical Council in the UK and the Ministry of Health here in Singapore. They offer a number of dermatology services such as medical, paediatric, cosmetic, genital, and women’s dermatology, coupled with upfront pricing so you know exactly what you are getting into financially before committing to the procedure. 

When it comes down to their search engine optimization. They are getting the highest number of organic traffic per month out of the five clinics on this list, with only one paid keyword. They also have the highest number of organic keywords, which shows that their search engine optimization is very good. 

Monthly Estimated Organic Traffic 1100
Total Backlinks 285
Total Organic Keywords Found 1400
Total Paid Keywords Found (PPC) 1 Top 5 Keywords in Organic Search

Keywords URLs
Mole removal singapore
Dermatologist singapore
Eczema Singapore
Keloid scar removal
Dermatologist singapore acne Top 5 Pages in Paid Search

Keywords URLs
Liew hui min


Dermatology & Surgery Clinic

Dermatology & Surgery Clinic is the largest private dermatology clinic in Singapore. They offer a team of five expert Dermatologists that have their own sub-specialisations covering a wide array of procedures from pediatric dermatology to skin cancer and cosmetics. What sets this clinic apart from the rest, is their team. Unlike other clinics that usually only have one doctor that acts as a jack of all trades, Dermatology & Surgery Clinic allows each doctor to become hyper specialised and experts in their particular specialisation.

Despite having the largest team of dermatologists in Singapore, they also have the lowest organic traffic at only 183 visitors per month. They have a respectable number of backlinks but a low number of organic keywords and no paid keywords. A reason for their low traffic could be due to their search engine optimization not being as optimized as it needs to be in order to compete. This is evident in their low number of organic keywords. 

Monthly Estimated Organic Traffic 183
Total Backlinks 336
Total Organic Keywords Found 258
Total Paid Keywords Found (PPC) 0 Top 5 Keywords in Organic Search

Keywords URLs
Dermatology and surgery clinic
Dermatology & surgery clinic
Dermatology associates
Nuh dermatology
Dr henry loh

Singapore Dermatologist Search Insight Summary

All five of these clinics are superb and provide exceptional dermatology services but as you can see, their search engine optimization is on different levels. With some offering great optimization and high amounts of organic traffic, while others are struggling. It also shows that you do not need to pay for PPC keywords to succeed but you do need organic keywords. As the number of organic traffic correlates with the number of organic keywords.

Once you have a list of good keywords, you cannot just plaster them on your website. They need to be inserted in high quality content such as articles or videos. The algorithms used by popular search engines will then go through your content and rank your website based on the keywords and quality of the content. This will make it easier for people to find your site when searching for generic services, such as mole removal in Singapore. Good online reviews also help improve SEO. It definitely pays to have superb search engine optimization and a high number of organic keywords.

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