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The objective of this SEO industry analysis report is to analyse the top three Singapore funeral services websites.

  • Identify what they are doing successfully and what you should be doing
  • Identify opportunities to exploit in order to compete with them

When you type ‘Singapore funeral service’ into Google.com.sg, the top results are the following:

Singapore Funeral services

According to Google Keyword Planner, the keyword “Singapore funeral services” had 720 searches per month. The cost per click is $14.66, which is on the high side compared to other industry.

singapore Funeral services adwords

The top three map listings that rank high are the following:

  • Singapore Funeral Services
  • Direct Funeral Services Pte Ltd
  • Singapore Funeral Solutions

Now, let’s take a look at the map listings of these top three.

Singapore Funeral Services Map Listing Analysis

1) Singapore Funeral Services Map Listing

singapore Funeral services map

The Singapore funeral services map listing contain the search term “Singapore Funeral Services.” Compared to other websites, they have included their operation hours.

Not only do they have pictures showing their products and services, their customers have put in their reviews as well. They had also listed their business category correctly which is “Funeral Home”. This is a very optimized map listing which is why they are ranking number 1.

2) Direct Funeral Services Pte Ltd Map Listing

direct funeral services

The Direct Funeral Services Pte Ltd map listing, like the first map listing, also contains the search term “Funeral Services.” Similarly, it includes the operation hours as well. The listing also features photos of its services, as well as real reviews from its clients. They had also listed their business category correctly which is “Funeral home”.

If they had more positive reviews and try to add in the keyword “Singapore” into their business name they might be able to overtake the number 1 ranking. Example from Direct Funeral Services Pte Ltd to Singapore Funeral Services | Direct Funeral Pte Ltd.

3) Singapore Funeral Solutions Map Listing

singapore funeral solutions

At the third spot is Singapore Funeral Solutions. It has managed to take a high ranking simply because it contain the search term “Singapore funeral.”

It also listed their operation hours, and features pictures of their services. Like the other first two map listing, it features customer reviews as well. However, if you ask me, the first photo of a man that looks more of a profile photo does not sit well in the listing. They should change it to their logo image to make more outstanding.

Now, let us have a look at the organic ranking of the top three as following

  • SFS.com.sg
  • Singaporefuneralservices.net
  • Singaporefuneraldirectory.com

Based on our finding, we noticed that all 3 map listing website does not include the following

  • Embed map on their contact us
      • Example of a embed map

  • Embed 1 to 3 diriving direction on their contact us
    • Example of a embed driving direction

Embed map and driving direction is one of the ranking signals for Google map listing. If you are running a retail shop, it is also good to have driving direction on your contact us page to make it outstanding.

Singapore Funeral Services Websites Analysis

Overview of sfs.com.sg

SFS currently has 46 organic keywords in google.com.sg. It has a huge number of backlinks at 259. Perhaps its most important backlink is the one coming from https://sg.usembassy.gov/. which has a Ahrefs domain rating of 74.

Getting a link from the US Embassy in Singapore is a rare occurrence, and this is one of the best reasons why it’s on the top of the list for Singapore Funeral Services. A high authority link can make a huge impact of a website ranking.

According to the Ahrefs website, sfs.com.sg has been penalized by Google since May 2017. In this graph, you can see that the traffic has dropped.

The number of organic keyword ranking in google.com.sg has taken a plunge as well. We could attribute this to the over-optimization of the keyword “Singapore funeral services” at 27%. If you don’t want your website to suffer this situation, it is best if you keep the anchor text density at below 1%.

Note that the best practices for anchor text percentages are the following:

  • Branded Anchor Text: 70%
  • Naked Links: 20%
  • Generic Anchors: 5%
  • LSI, Partial Match Anchors: 1-5%
  • Exact Match Anchors Text: Below 1%

From the ahrefs data we knew that the 2 main keywords that bring a lot of organic traffic to the website are “singapore funeral services” and “singapore funeral”. If i were to run their SEO campaign, i will target more keywords instead of only relying on these 2 main keyword to bring in the leads.

The website is ranking number 1 but the SFS website is not mobile-friendly, in fact it has failed Google’s test for that. Another issue is its security, as it does not have a SSL certificate. Since Google boosts the rankings of websites with SSL certificates, it is a must that you give your website this kind of security to make it more secure for the users. Learn more about how you can benefit from HTTPS/SSL site here.

Another reason why the website’s organic traffic is dwindling is the fact that the website is not mobile friendly. This aspect is vital for every page, in fact Mobilegeddon update says that it is one of the most important algorithm ranking factors for websites.

Although it has schema, the website is not properly coded. Schema.org or schema is a specific vocabulary of tags (or microdata) that you can add to your HTML. This can help improve your page’s representation in various SERPs.

With that being said, SFS will benefit from redesigning their website into a mobile-friendly one with updated keywords and a SSL certificate to boost the ranking. These can help the website target more singapore funeral related keywords. However, when they are redesigning their website, they need to take note the existing page that are ranking well. So the web design company need to have some sort SEO knowledge.

With an updated website, the website can retain its top ranking in Google.com.sg. At the same time, this can help target other keywords that will bring their SEO game into a whole new different level.

Overview of Singaporefuneralservices.net

According to Ahrefs, the website ranking for Singaporefuneralservices.net is 278 globally. Although it has 96 backlinks, it is considered very low. Singaporefuneralservices.net website can be easily outrank if you have the correct on-page optimization and high authority backlinks pointing to your website.

Another thing to consider is the fact that the organic traffic for Singaporefuneralservices.net has taken a major drop since January 2017. This only means two things: the website was penalized by Google, or it had stop their SEO campaign.

Going deeper into the analysis, another reason why the ranking has dropped is the fact it has over-optimized the keyword “Funeral Services Singapore.” It is over 1%, as it has been said the best practice is to keep the optimization below 1%.

On the other hand, singaporefuneralservices.net are ranking commercial keywords such as “Chinese funeral coffin”, “glass coffins for sale”, “Buddhist funeral service”, and “funeral catering services”. If your company is providing any of these services, you can create a page with an optimized content and keywords you should be able to rank high as well.

Singaporefuneralservices.net has a better website design compared to sfs.com.sg, mainly because of the good call to action design on its main page. Remember that call to action buttons are important for your website. This can help direct your clients to take their desired action. Additionally, it can enhance your conversion rates, which is the objective of the website in the first place.

The Singaporefuneralservices.net website has a mobile-friendly design, compared to sfs.com.sg. Which is good!

Additionally, the website has good schema and is properly coded. If Singaporefuneralservices.net are able to acquire high authority website backlink, they should be able to overtake SFS.com.sg.

Overview of singaporefuneraldirectory.com

Compared to the first two websites, the singaporefuneraldirectory.com website has 107,000 backlinks! Don’t let these fool you though, as most of the links are low-quality spam links. Singaporefuneraldirectory.com is not afuneral company website, instead it is a directory of other funeral company. Your business model could be just like this. All you need to do is create a high-ranking website and sell your advertising space to other Singapore funeral companies.

The website’s organic traffic for 2017 is fluctuating mainly because it directs to spam links. The organic keyword ranking has dropped since May 2017 as well; this comes as no surprise because the website makes use of spam links.

Based on the Backlinks data from Ahrefs, it has been established that most of the websites 107,000 backlinks are low-quality or simply spam.

The anchor text ratio is also very high. Over optimization of anchor text is also very apparent.

As you can see, the website’s top keywords are singapore funeral services and singapore funeral. Based on their anchor text ratio, they seem to only focus on these 2 keywords for link building. This could be due to the fact that these two keywords bring in the most advertising revenues.

The website design of Singaporefuneraldirectory.com website is good; it also has very good call to action buttons on the header. As I’ve mentioned, a good CTA button will help convert visitor traffic into money-making sales.

Their website is also mobile friendly. Even the mobile website has a good CTA button which you can see easily.

The website also has very good schema and proper coding. This show that they got good on-page optimization on their website.

What We Have Learned from this Singapore Funeral Service SEO Report

Now that we have done a complete, detailed technical SEO analysis of the top 3 funeral service Singapore websites, let’s proceed to review the key findings:

  • Links from other authority sites give tremendous boost to a website’s domain authority.
  • If you are in the funeral business, a mobile-friendly website with a diversified and natural link in the profile should get you to the top 10 of the rankings.
  • A good call to action button is important as this helps boost rankings.
  • A well-designed website will help convert visitors into sales.
  • Having a Google My Business map listing can boost your CTR and social proof.

In a nutshell, the key takeaways from this SEO analysis is that it is applicable to all industries, whether you are dealing with the funeral business is not

But, if you are in the funeral business, know that it is not impossible to compete with these top 3 funeral websites. However, it will be a hard task to bear unless you are handled by a SEO expert.

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