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In order to rank high in a search engine, it’s important that you do your keyword research and make sure the keywords relate to what you’re selling. Remember to use different variations of those keywords when writing content for SEO. In addition, create engaging blog posts with an enticing title so readers are more likely to click on them!

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 5 most successful Singapore trademark sites: A Search Insight, so that you can see what steps these companies did to rank higher and succeed!

trademark singapore

Singapore Trademark Keyword Data

Based on the screenshot of the keyword data, we know that average search volumes in Singapore for the keyword trademark singapore has a monthly search volume of 150, and a CPC of $3.50 per click if you are using Google ads.

With a CPC of $3.50 per click, it is considered expensive in Singapore, so using SEO it might be able to lower your marketing cost in order to generate more leads.

So what are some successful trademark sites in Singapore that are ranking well?

Here we go,

Here are the 5 sites

Monthly Estimated Organic Traffic


Total Backlinks 2700
Total Organic Keywords Found 2600
Total Paid Keywords Found (PPC) 0

Mirandah Asia is a full-service IP company based in Singapore. Their services include trademark and patent filings, litigation, intellectual property advice, and sponsorship of events on intellectual property related matters.

Based on Ahref data, they are currently getting an average 311 visitors per month from Google search organically and they do not use Google Ads to advertise their business. Something to take note is that the 311 visitors per month is based on Singapore search traffic only.

Mirandah top organic

Something to take note most people got to know Mirandah is through their brand name and not through specific keywords like trademark Singapore. However, they are ranking very well in the Asia Pacific region, if you are looking to expand your business the below data will be useful for you.



Monthly Estimated Organic Traffic


Total Backlinks


Total Organic Keywords Found


Total Paid Keywords Found (PPC)

0 provide a one stop  solution for trademark filing and protection with a team of experienced attorneys, IP professionals. is currently ranking #11 in Singapore based on Google search results (Singapore) which has an estimated 7 visitors per month from organic traffic only without the use of any paid advertising. I believe the Ahrefs estimated organic traffic data is outdated when I was publishing this. 



trademark registration singapore

register trademark singapore

singapore trademark

prestious solutions

how to register a trademark in singapore

Compare with other sites, Trademarksg are currently ranking well for very specific search queries such as trademark registration singapore and register trademark singapore. According to Ahrefs backlinks data, I believe they are still doing a lot of SEO.

IP Coster

IP Coaster

Monthly Estimated Organic Traffic


Total Backlinks


Total Organic Keywords Found


Total Paid Keywords Found (PPC)


IP-Coster was a global trademark company and they were designed to generate accurate cost estimates, facilitate direct filings and provide workflow solutions for patents, utility models, trademarks and industrial designs.

Based on Ahrefs data, they currently receive about 900 visitors per month from Singapore. They rank well in a lot of the keywords such as “ip firms in singapore”, “trademark registration singapore” and “register trademark singapore”.

IP coaster

It is also important to note that IP website is ranking well on google in other countries, which will generate more leads from these areas. This strategy helps Singapore-based owners to tap into a larger market.



Monthly Estimated Organic Traffic


Total Backlinks


Total Organic Keywords Found


Total Paid Keywords Found (PPC)


Brandmark is one of the most reliable providers for document filing services for trademark registration in Singapore. They have worked with some of the popular brands and firms here in the country.

According to Ahrefs, the estimated organic traffic per month is 51 visitors. According to their targeting, they are the only one that is “doing Google ads” and targeting “register trademark” as a main focus in order to make more money with pay-per-click advertisements.

One thing to know is that the majority of their ranking keywords are informational keywords. This means when people search for “TM icon” on google they may land on one of their content pages, and after reading it, contact them about TM icon service.

IP Hub Asia

IP Hub Asia

Monthly Estimated Organic Traffic


Total Backlinks


Total Organic Keywords Found


Total Paid Keywords Found (PPC)


IP Hub Asia provides a one-stop solution for IP in countries across the Asian continent.

They offer a wide range of services, including pre-filing availability searches and continuing prosecution over the course of your project. They can also handle maintenance as well.

IP Hub Asia SEO Strategy is a mixture of targeting the “money” and “informational”. Money keywords such as trademark search Singapore to generate leads and using starting a small business in Singapore keyword as informational to attract the readers to call or fill up the contact form. This is one good way to balance the traffic. 

Singapore Trademark SEO Game Plan

After taking a look at the top five Trademark sites in Singapore, most of them are not very aggressively marketing their SEO. We advise that your strategy should be one as below

Use core keywords to generate leads for the main business, then use informational keywords to attract inbound leads. 

After that utilize nearby markets like neighboring countries, since registering a trademark can be an appealing digital business opportunity.

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