Social Media Marketing & Branding

the power of engagement & public relations

Social media places the power of branding & public relations into every business owner’s hands

Social media is where you can reach out and connect with your customers like never before. You’re now in charge of what people say, think and know about your business. It can be a really powerful tool if wielded strategically.

But building a great social media presence requires time, patience, commitment – and it’s also gratifying and lots of fun! So where do you start?

At E-Alchemists, we have a brand-centric approach in creating a potent social alchemy for your business.

What’s my social alchemy?

  • Know the tone of voice to adopt – Which tone of voice conveys personality yet is still engaging and fun? What style of communication suits your business best?
  • Know where to be – Which social media outlet best suits your business? You don’t have to be on EVERY platform – just the right ones for maximum impact – with the best style of communication for each platform.
  • Know what interests your followers most about your business – Is it the wonderful images you capture? Or is it really the human element behind what you do? Tease out what’s unique and true to your business and make sure it stands out online.
  • Know what you are getting out of your social media presence – Is it goodwill, brand loyalty or positive e-Word of Mouth? Raise the esteem of your customers who are proud of being associated with your brand – this will be the ROI that will be invaluable to your business.

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