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Should You Hire a SEO Consultant in Singapore For Your Business?

It’s 2019 and there’s nothing you want more than for your business to take of. You’ve even made a resolution that you’ll finally be taking things seriously and by this you mean getting this SEO thing right. Do you hire a SEO consultant in singapore or should you do it by yourself?

First things first.

What is SEO?

SEO has always been a part of modern marketing. No business can wish to improve their online presence if they continue to ignore search engine optimization.

Most of your prospect buyers find you on the internet. And it’s most likely that you’re not the only one offering the product or type of service they’re looking for.

For instance, if you’re selling gadgets, you’re not the only company out there. Same with beauty products, clothing, services like legal or medical consultations, and so many others.

There will always be competition. If there isn’t then lucky you.

For you to land on the first page of Google’s organic results, you’d want to pay more attention on SEO.

Stands for search engine optimization, SEO works toward improving your website’s search result ranking. This definition may be too simple for the complex set of processes involved, but that’s really it in a nutshell.

Digging deeper, let’s look into the different aspects of SEO.

SEO Drives Traffic

This is what you want to increase over the course of this particular marketing strategy. An increased traffic means more and more people are reaching your sites and vice versa. This means you’re becoming popular in your chosen field.

One thing that you have to understand though is the fact that it won’t happen overnight. You’d have to wait for weeks months or even a year for it to produce results. If done right, you should be expecting favorable conditions. If not, you’ve likely just wasted your time and money for nothing.

The next important thing you have to put in mind is quantity is not enough. Getting a lot of traffic is good but it also has to be effective in attaining your ultimate goal and that is to convert these visitors to loyal customers.

Take note that I didn’t simply say customers. I added the word loyal and it’s not just to increase the word count of this article.

You have to set your eyes on customers getting your products or visiting your site not once, not twice. Convert them into regulars. That should be the goal.

That means you shouldn’t only make sure that more people find your site, you also have to see to it that they stick to it. And this brings us to the next point.

Better Content for a More Successful SEO Strategy

This is what drives traffic, the reason people are on your site in the first place. Creating great content involves different factors.

First is the topic.

A good SEO consultant in Singapore would tell you that to create great content, you have to be very specific with your topic.

For instance, SEO. That’s one broad subject; there are subtopics that we can derive from it and a good example is the one you’re reading right now.

I didn’t go and title my article “Search Engine Optimization”. Although we know it’s about SEO, it’s very unclear what it is going to tell us exactly.

People have very specific needs. It’s very uncommon for a potential buyer to enter a very general phrase in the search bar.

Those who are looking for clothing will not just go and search “clothes”. What they have in mind is a particular kind of clothing. So instead, they’d say “clothes spring 2019” or “current clothing trends”.

Next up, the quality.

No matter how flawless the technical aspects are, if your content is not good, people are not going to stay reading or watching your stuff.

The SEO consultant in Singapore you hire should be able to help you produce or brainstorm great content that can boost your website.

SEO’s Technical Part

The technical aspect of search engine optimization involves generating the right keywords and setting them up on the meta description as well as the title. They should also be found in as many parts of the content body.

But very important thing to note: don’t overdo it.

We certainly can’t get away with senselessly putting keywords after another as much as we want. If that’s the case, we can basically just sprinkle the keyword anywhere and our job is done.

Use your keywords but make it sound as natural as possible. A good SEO consultant in Singapore should be able to tell you the strategic parts you can place them.

Another part of the technicalities of SEO are the tools you can use. For instance, Google has a tool called Google Search Console and you may believe it or not but it teaches us how we can improve our websites’ web rankings.

There are others as well. To serve clients seeking an SEO consultant in Singapore, I use different resources such as Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs and so many others.

These help me become more effective in providing SEO consultation services to those who need.

Now that you’ve been introduced to the different areas of SEO that you have to deal with, let’s go back to the original question.

Do You Really Need the Help of a SEO Consultant In Singapore?

It ultimately depends on your knowledge, resources, and willingness.

If you’re sure that you can do all these things for your website without professional help, that’s actually very good. If not, it’s also okay because professionals such as myself are here to help you.

In hiring an SEO consultant in Singapore, there are things you need to consider.

First, are they genuine?

Everyone will say they are an expert. And as well-meaning as some of them may be, it may not be enough to help you.

You need expert knowledge on the subject and you need someone who has helped a lot of others before. Just like in hiring an employee, you need to look for their portfolio before you hire them.

Testimonials or comments left by their previous clients can really help give you an idea what you can expect from their services. Of course they’d have a website. Check it out and look for those messages.

Are they all positive feedback? Are there some clients who are not that satisfied with the results? You have to be aware of these things because you don’t want to be the next unhappy customer.

Another way is to check out the quality of their website. Does it look professional? Do they generate traffic? Are the seo consultant in Singapore following the same tips they’re giving you?

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